شعر أدونيس

Your color is the color of water
O, body of words.
Since water is yeast or lightning or fire
And water is burning, becoming a lightning,
Becoming this yeast and this flame,
Or a water lily
And asks for my pillow to sleep on.
O, river of words,
Travel with me for two days or two weeks
In the yeast made of secrets
Revealed in the oysters we open, sailing the seas
Raining down with ruby and ebony.
We know this enchantment
Is black magic
That forbids you to love anything but sea.
Travel with me…
Appear and disappear again…
Let us ask the river of words
About the shell that should die for their sake
And make a red cloud out of them,
The island running and flying around,
Let’s ask the river of words about
The star that is trapped
In the watery nets
That she carries under her breasts
Along with last days of my life.
Let us ask the river of words
About a stone from which the water is rising
The wave that gives birth to a rock,
The animal made of musk, and the pigeons of light.
Let us land in the toils of gloom
At the bottom.
Where the broken-down time and the moss of the words
Are the poem that dresses the face of the sea.

Translated by ukranistani


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