Having published this kind of poetry, a Palestinian author Ashraf Fayad (أشرف فياض) faced the charges for “apostasy” in Saudi Arabia. Indeed a very fancy name for “non-conformism and non-compliance with self-destructing policy of a corrupt government”.

Three laws of homeland

1st  law

Your land is safe for you.
Even during the war
Your country escorts you into new day.
Your country doesn’t complain
While protecting you from the West, its corruption
And your own egoistic tendencies.

2nd law

The power of foreign effect on you
Is a worthless delusion.
It correlates with your madness,
The illusion of choice,
Weather forecast,
Rumbling of cars in a jam,
And blood nicotine level.

3rd law

For every loss
There is someone to blame.
For every void –
Something to fill it with.
Death rate decreases the population number
In the most crowded areas.
Your neighbors rest for eternity
To leave you in eternal peace!

Translated by ukranistani
Download Ashraf’s book to read in arabic


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